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Water Efficient ServiceThe Pooch Mobile - Keeping Canines Clean and saving water!

The message from the environment is to watch water wastage, and that’s exactly what The Pooch Mobile is doing.

Margery & Rollie.jpgAnd while we should all do our bit by becoming water wise too, there are certain things that are necessary, like showering. Just like we need to shower, it is essential to keep your dog clean, and contrary to what many people may believe hydrobathing your dog will not waste water, it will save water.

Washing dogs by hand, especially with the hose or buckets full of water, can be a challenge and waste huge amounts of water says Chris Taylor, founder of The Pooch Mobile. But by having your dog hydrobathed, only 20 litres of water will be used for each canine.

Although a water crisis has a massive impact on how we use water, it important not to neglect washing your dog as this can lead to all sorts of problems, including skin irritations, a very smelly dog and fleas. The hydrobath system and the blow drying also help reduce the shedding of excess hair which keeps your dog clean, comfortable and looking great which is vitally important at this time as a clean dog creates a cleaner environment in which it lives, which saves further water usage as where you once hosed out his kennel you may now be unable to.

Also, the water your dog has been washed in can be placed in buckets and used to water the garden, your dogs bedding and kennel area etc.

With the majority of customers having their pooches washed every two weeks this amounts to less than two litres of water per day.

The Pooch Mobile service also includes a thorough check of your dogs coat and offers helpful advice on maintaining a healthy coat, or on any skin or coat problems your dog may have.

An eco-friendly and conscientious company, The Pooch Mobile have 170 franchises worldwide and are the choice hydrobath operators for the care of your dog and the environment. Operating for 20 years, owner Chris Taylor explains that with The Pooch Mobile hydrobathing approximately 25,000 dogs monthly, it is estimated that nearly two million litres of water will be saved each month.

Not to forget the convenience. A professionally trained operator will come to your home and wash, shampoo and de-flea your dog as all Pooch mobile franchisees carry a range of products to help with flea control on both your dog and in its environment.

The Pooch Mobile was the first franchise system of its kind, and is still the largest franchised dog wash and care company in the world.

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