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SoloutionsThe Pooch Mobile use only the finest, highest quality solutions/shampoos to ensure a superior finish to your dog’s coat.

These solutions are specially designed for the use in hydrobaths and are all Environmentally Friendly. Our products are all PH selected specially for dogs' skin to achieve the best possible results for the dog.

The Pooch Mobile has a wide range of solutions to suit varying conditions for your dog. (Flea control, medicated washes, aromatherapy, shampoos) Your operator is skilled in identifying the solution to use to gain the best results.

Retail packs of solution to benefit the dog and its environment are available.


Your dog will be Clean and will Smell Great too!


Shampoos – Herbal – Pink – White

The Pooch Mobile Concentrated Shampoos are based on unique formulations of natural ingredients each with superior cleaning capabilities and with their individual fragrances.

JDS Insecticidal Dog Shampoo

JDS Insecticidal Dog Shampoo is for the control of fleas on dogs and also helps prevent reinfestation. It is suitable for puppies over 3 months only but can not be used on nursing bitches or cats.

JDS Coal Tar Shampoo

Coal Tar has long been considered therapeutic for many skin disorders. Coal Foam is excellent to help cure skin infections on dogs.

Cotex Multi-Purpose Spray and Pine Oil Cleaner suitable for Dogs & Horses.

It is cleansing rinse that is designed to safely and gently cleanse the pet’s coat, leaving it bright and shiny with no need to rinse off. It will not build up residue in the dogs coat and helps many skin conditions. It also keeps the body free of unpleasant odour - causing bacteria. It acts as a disinfectant for beds, mats and living areas, and also an antiseptic cleaner and great for fly repellant.

Exclusive Aromatherapy Range - Lavender - Rosemary

The Pooch Mobile Aromatherapy rinses contain pure Essential Oils and Vitamin E to provide your pooch with a beautiful, pleasant fresh aroma and add lustre and conditioner to your pet’s coat. These rinses are designed to be added to our other range of solutions.

The lavender rinse relieves itching, promotes healthy skin, relieves anxiety, is antibacterial, insecticidal and also promotes a positive mood.

The Rosemary is an uplifting rinse that stimulates circulation, creates a positive mood, relaxes, relieves sore tired muscles, is antibacterial and brings the blood and energy to the skin, which is beneficial for hair growth

The Pooch Mobile Herbal Deodorant and Coat Conditioner

This unique formulation will ensure your dog will shimmer, shine and smell beautiful for days. The deodorant contains Citronella, Penny Royal and Rosemary with all the well known benefits they provide.

The Pooch Mobile Cologne Coat Gloss Detangler for All Animals

This unique formulation combines anti-static detangling properties, deodorising agents; gloss enhancing natural oil extracts and organically derived long lasting cologne.

Petway Silky Smooth Combing Agent Detangler

Silky Smooth Detangler contains a formulation which adds lustre to the coat and helps detangle your dogs hair leaving it with a silky smooth finish. It is dye free and fragrance free.

Veta Clean Disinfectant

A powerful high concentration germicide, but gently multi-purpose formulation that disinfects, cleans, and deodorises leaving a pleasant clean odour. It has been specifically formulated to clean hydrobath and associated equipment.  It is also ideal for use on floors, wash rooms, and toilets etc.

*Because of Government restrictions not all products are available in all countries. Check with your local operator for the best possible formulation for your pet’s needs.

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