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Opportunities in the rapidly expanding pet care business including, dog wash and dog grooming exist in the form of company representatives in which you simply work for the company or as franchise where you own your own business or as a Sub Franchisor where you have the ability to sell franchises within your territory. To find out exactly what is available in your country go to the countries page.

Sub- Franchises are invited from successful and motivated business people to help expand the Pooch Mobile into these International markets.

 Statistics that need to be investigated prior to launching a Pooch Mobile Sub franchisor include:

  • Average temperature and rainfall
  • Dog Population in relation to land area
  • The need for the service in the territory

From these and other statistics we can attain whether or not we believe that the business can be successfully launched in the given area. If that we believe that together with your help we can make the business succeed in the new territory we would be happy to negotiate a package to help you start up the business.

The Pooch Mobile is well experienced at starting new hydrobathing services in previously unserviced area's and are well aware of what needs to be done to ensure the successful launch of the business. As a starting basis we offer the following package to help you start a Sub Franchisor Pooch Mobile hydrobathing service in the new territory.

Getting Started

We would initially ship at least one complete mobile unit from Brisbane, Australia to meet a senior member of the Pooch Mobile in the new territory. The Pooch Mobile staff would be available to help with the training, setup and initial launch of the service. A program would be developed consisting marketing and maximum market exposure to ensure the successful launch of the service.

The Pooch Mobile Franchisee in her mobile dog wash and grooming trailer complete with hydrobath.What You Get:

Training and Set up

    • Detailed Operational Manual of the successful business system.
    • Detailed Operation Manual Workbook.
    • Master Franchisee's Detailed Operation Manual.
    • Complete training in the successful operation of the proven business format.
    • Full use of the extensive range of developed instructions, forms, checklists and other necessary documents to ensure the success of the business.
    • Help with effectively setting a booking and inquiry service.
    • Sourcing of an effective solution.

Business Launch

    • A senior member of the Pooch Mobile Team would be available to help launch the business.
    • Complete use of our proven Marketing and Advertising package.
    • One complete Mobile Unit.

Ongoing support

  • Training Video's to aid you in training new franchisee's.
  • International Master Franchise Agreement. (You have the right to sell franchises using the system and intellectual right of the Pooch Mobile in the Master Franchise area offered).
  • Continued support via the telephone, faxes and E-mail.
  • Scheduled visits can be arranged if required.
  • Continued upgrades of  the Detailed Operation Manual, subsequent business procedures, product upgrades and other documentation.
  • Instant access to in excess of forty years of combined experience in the pet industry.

Pricing Structure

Pricing vary’s depending on the size of the territories offered and the expenses involved in setting up and supporting the Sub franchisor.

Chris Taylor (Managing Director) of The Pooch Mobile franchise a  mobile hydrobath for dog wash and grooming.For ongoing support and continued system improvements a royalty of turnover would be payable to The Pooch Mobile.  I hope that you find this offer very attractive as it has been set to allow the Pooch Mobile a good chance to capture the International market.


I honestly believe that the system can be successfully launched throughout the International market and I look forward to being a part of its launch and ultimate success. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Christine Taylor

Managing Director (The Pooch Mobile)



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