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What is a Hydrobath?

Dog wash and grooming hydrobath.A Hydrobath is a product which is used to wash dogs. It sprays water over the subject from a conventional shower head. The water from this is then collected, filtered, heated if necessary and then pumped back to the shower head.

When the bathing is completed a plug can be removed to dump the waste water from the hydrobath. Fresh water then needs to be added to the water collection tank before bathing the next subject.



What advantage is there in using a hydrobath?

A Rotwieler puppy enjoying his hydrobath with The Pooch MobileBecause the solutions are added to the water collection tank they therefore mix with the water and are sprayed at pressure penetrating through the dogs coat and onto their skin where most problems occur. Depending on the solutions used they may help cure or prevent skin infections or kill fleas or other parasites.

A hydrobath with warm water (Pooch Mobile Hydrobaths all have heating elements which can be used to preset the temperature of the water) can help prevent arthritis through the massaging effect of the hydrobath. Not only that but you do not get wet and your bathroom is left clean and dry.

Hydrobaths when used correctly achieve great results in curing skin disorders and promoting hair growth.

A Hydrobath is also an extremely efficient use of water. To find out more about saving water go to our water wise page.


What disadvantages can there be in using a hydrobath

It is necessary to have fresh water for every dog bathed. If the same water is used for two or more dogs then you stand the chance of cross infection. Pooch Mobile operators use clean fresh water for every dog.

It is also necessary to regularly disinfect the hydrobath by running an industrial grade disinfectant such as the Pooch Mobile Hydrobath disinfectant through the hydrobath.

The advantages gained from the hydrobath are all attributed to the franchisee and the chosen solution. Pooch Mobile operators are extensively trained in the operation of the baths in order to achieve and maintain the best well being of the customers pets.

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