Bailey after grooming.All dogs need to be groomed whether it be a quick brush for a shorter coated breed or a thorough grooming out for the longer coated breeds. Longer coated breeds such as the old English, poodles and terriers will at regular intervals in their life need their hair clipped or trimmed. How often really depends on how the owner looks after the dog. They can either have their dog groomed by a professional or they can do it themselves.

Professional groomer and clippers recommend that it be done at the very least 2 - 3 times a year. If the owner wants to keep the coat in A1 condition, but does not want or have the time to groom it themselves, they will need to have it professionally done anywhere from every 2 - 8 weeks depending on the type of dog and the style the owner likes to keep its coat in.

If the dog is left unattended with knotted hair it causes great discomfort for them and can breed no end of problems, such as: flea infestation, ear infections, restricted movement because of the knotted hair, fly blown.

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