Doggie Info

Do you know why dogs can smell so much better than humans and why some breeds smell better than others?

  • A human has 5 million olfactory receptor cells
  • A Dachshund 125 million
  • A Fox terrier 147 million
  • A German Shepherd 220 million

What are the dogs 2 primary senses?

Smell and hearing.

Why is this important to know regarding training a dog?

If the wind is blowing there are a lot of smells in the air so the dog is less likely to concentrate

There is no need to repeat a command as the dog did hear you but is not listening.

Why do bloodhounds have long ears?

It serves as a funnel scent into the nose

Do dogs have sweat glands?

Yes but they are mostly in the paws and they are used more as a means of marking territorium than as a cooling system.

At what age can I start training a dog?

Training starts in the nest with mum and will continue for the rest of your dogs life. but if you mean obedience training puppy preschool start from 8 weeks manly at the vet, most obedience clubs run puppy preschool from 12-16 weeks. Adult obedience training start from 4-6 months depending on the club.

How can I find a good school?

Ask your APM operator or your vet. A good school is affiliated with the CCC (Canine Control Council) like Metropolitan Obedience Club. It is up to you wether you go to a professional school or a voluntary club. A voluntary club is often a lot cheaper but not always better! At a good club a dog should be fully vaccinated and on a leash at all times. Take the time to look around.

Thanks to Mel Kloprogge for this information.

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