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There are many local community-minded businesses and The Pooch Mobile is no exception. The Pooch Mobile philosophy of “We Care” not only relates to cleaning and caring for dogs, it is strongly tied to caring and helping the community, with operators throwing themselves relentlessly into many events to help raise money for charity.

A popular event is the  Bath-a-thon. A team of operators get together and raise much needed funds for local charities, schools or clubs. People are encouraged to bring their pooch along to be washed and the proceeds are donated to the event holders.

With a long-standing affiliation with many charities operators in most countries participate in the RSPCA Million Paws Walk, where a major dog bath-a-thon is also held. The Pooch Mobile also provides adopted dogs with an initial discounted service to help their new owners establish good canine cleanliness and are actively involved in helping care for abused and rescued dogs.

Each year The Pooch Mobile is involved in the Variety Childrens Charity which helps fund assistance dogs for special children. Read more at the Aussie Pooch Mobile assistance dogs page. Other partnerships include the Animal Welfare League, Lions Hearing Dogs, Assistance Dogs and Breast Cancer Awareness.

I know I speak for all Pooch Mobile franchisees in saying that we are so fortunate to be doing something we love that we want to be able to give back to the community, says founder, Chris Taylor.

Liams Fun Day with his new assistance dog HERO.Over the next 12 months we plan to raise more funds through our different events for Variety including helping another child receive an assistance dog. We are also working closely with the Lions Hearing Dogs and will be fundraising for them.

We encourage everyone to help in any way they can and donations can be made via The Pooch Mobile, so make sure your community conscious and keep an eye out for these upcoming local events.

You can help by providing an online donation here.

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